Tail Trick Deer Decoy helps hunter bag this nice Maryland buck. Customer Service (205) 601-5009   View Cart Tail Trick Deer Decoy helps youth hunter in Ohio get her first buck with her slug shotgun. Tail Trick Deer Decoy helps Texas hunter get his buck with his bow. Welcome to TAIL TRICK Deer Decoys! Size Doesn’t Make a Deer Decoy Effective, Motion Does! Tail Trick Deer Decoys include a tail motor that swishes the tail every 15 seconds. The natural deer movement of the swishing tail attracts bucks visually (by sight). The swishing tail also displays positive body language that gives bucks the official deer signal that it’s “OK” to come closer.  Combine Deer Rut Decoy or Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy with other deer attractants such as a deer call (sound) and estrus scent (smell) to create maximum sensory attraction. A sight, sound, and smell setup pulls bucks in like a magnet. Create a Sense of Safety in Your Food Plot and Bring Bucks Out Sooner! Place Deer Rut Decoy or Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy in food plots and open woods. The positive body language of the swishing  tail gives bucks a sense of safety and the confidence they need to come out sooner. Create Attraction During the Rut and Lure Rutting Bucks into Range! Bucks are attracted by the the flash of white from the swishing tail during the rut. The appearance of a doe (decoy) during the rut creates an “opportunity” to mate and bucks move closer hoping to get lucky. Lure Bucks Closer for a Shot Opportunity! When bucks approach Deer Rut Decoy and Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy, they come into range and shot opportunities are created. TAIL TRICK Deer Decoys; The Leader in Visual Deer Attractants      Copyright JSG Ventures Inc. 2014 Deer Decoy Tips - Decoying Whitetail Bucks      Deer Calls, Antler Ratting, and Decoys      Deer Rut Tactics and Decoys How to Hunt Deer with a Decoy      Whitetail Buck Behavior and Decoys      Whitetail Hunting Methods and Strategies      Deer Decoy User's Guide      Deer Rut Decoy      Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy      Buy Now      Videos      Reviews      Pro Staff       About Us      Privacy Policy      Return Policy      Dealers      Site Map Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy Bring Bucks Out Sooner!