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Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy (front view) by Tail Trick Deer Decoys Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoys brings bucks out sooner for a shot opportunity! Use multiple Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoys to create a greater sense of safety in food plots that brings bucks out sooner for a shot opportunity Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy (side view) by Tail Trick Deer Decoys Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy (back view) by Tail Trick Deer Decoys Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy also attracts rutting bucks during the rut! Get your buck into the open with a Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy! FOOD PLOT & RUT Deer Decoy with Swishing Tail Brings Bucks Out Sooner for a Shot Opportunity! Feeding Specific Deer Decoy Tail Swishes Every 15 Seconds - Displays Positive Body Language Creates a Sense of Safety and Gives Bucks Confidence to Come Out Works All Season Long in Food Plots and Open Woods Use with Estrus Doe Scent and a Doe Call to Create a Triple Attraction Set-up that Lures Rutting Bucks into Range for a Shot Opportunity Lightweight Compact 3D-2D Sculpted Design Makes it Easy to Carry, Set-up, and Use Includes Tail Motor, Carry Bag, and Ground Stakes (requires 1 D cell battery) What’s So Important About a “Swishing Tail?” It brings bucks out sooner. The two purposes of a deer decoy are (1) to attract the attention of bucks in the distance or in cover and (2) to lure them into range for a shot opportunity. When you place a FOOD PLOT & RUT Deer Decoy in your food plot, open woods, or agricultural field, you “trick” bucks into believing another deer has already come out. The presence of a deer (decoy) feeding in your food plot or open woods creates a sense of safety and gives bucks the confidence they need to come out sooner. The Tail Motor swishes the tail every 15 seconds. The swishing tail displays positive body language that gives bucks the “official deer signal” that it’s safe to come out and safe to approach.  When bucks come out, a shot opportunity is created. Why Doesn’t It Have a Head? Because it doesn’t need one. Bucks are curious and want to know if the feeding deer (decoy) is a buck or doe. They move closer to the deer (decoy) and linger in the area waiting for it to lift its head in order to see whether it’s a buck or doe. The longer a buck stays in the area, the more shot opportunities are created. Don’t underestimate the power of this decoy to hold bucks in the area and create shot opportunities.    Why Does It Look Like It’s “Walking Away”? The “walking away” body posture is the most non-threatening body posture a deer decoy can have. Because bucks know they won’t be charged when approaching Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy, they come closer to your deer decoy set-up and into range for a shot opportunity. This posture also puts the “spot light” on the swishing tail for maximum visual attraction. Why Isn’t It Life Size? Size doesn’t make a deer decoy effective, natural deer movement does! All a buck needs is the right “first” impression to be attracted to a deer decoy. Food Plot & Rut’s sculpted presentation side (front side) displays the natural outline, highlights, shadows, and tail motion of a deer feeding in the distance. The farther away deer and deer hunters are, the more lifelike it appears. The 3D-2D Compact Sculpted Design is lightweight, easy to carry, easy to set-up, and easy to use. It’s also portable enough to carry every time you go deer hunting. The back side of the decoy is flat. The decoy body is only 3" thick and weighs only 4.0 lbs. Single piece body is made of high density EPS foam and requires no assembly and sets up quickly in the field. Includes orange safety carry bag with shoulder strap. Decoy Dimensions and Weight Height: 30.0"      Width at Hips: 11.5"      Thickness: 3.0"      Weight: 4.0 lbs What’s in the Box? Box Includes: (1) Decoy Body, (1)Tail Motor, (1) Tail, (1) Tail Stud with (2) Wing Nuts, (2) Ground Stakes, and (1) Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap. Decoy requires 1 D cell battery, not included. Add Scent and a Call to Create Triple Attraction! The lifelike movement of Food Plot & Rut’s swishing tail is a natural deer attractant during the rut. Combine it with other deer attractants such as a doe call and estrus scent  to create a decoy setup that looks like, moves like, sounds like, and smells like a real doe in estrus. Triple attraction pulls bucks in like a magnet! Deer calls and antler rattling use deer sounds to attract a deer's attention and lure him closer. Deer scent uses deer smell to attract and lure bucks closer. Bucks responding to calls, antler ratting, and scent are looking for “visual confirmation” of the the deer they hear and smell. Bucks that don’t see a “deer” (decoy) often get spooky and fail to come into your setup. When you place a Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy near your deer call, antler rattling, or scent setup, you confirm the presence of another deer. Bucks associate the deer sounds they hear and the deer smells they smell with the deer (decoy) they see. Once a buck has seen a Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy, his attention becomes diverted away from your calling position and fixated onto the deer (decoy). When bucks move closer to check out the mating or fighting opportunities they come into range and a shot opportunity is created. How Do I Use Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy to Get My Buck? 1.   Place the decoy in your food plot, open woods, or agricultural field. The tail swishes every 15 second and attracts the attention of rutting bucks on the move. Be sure to leave at least 50-60 feet of free space on each side of it. Do not sit downwind of the decoy or in front of or behind it. Keep the decoy free of human scent. 2.   Watch for rutting bucks to come closer. When bucks see the flash of white from the swishing tail and rump, they usually stare for a moment and then move toward the deer (decoy) to either mate or fight.  3.   Shoot your buck when he comes into range. As bucks approach the deer (decoy) they come into range and a shot opportunity is created. 4.   When the buck stops, take the shot! When a buck reaches the personal space boundary  of the decoy (25-50 feet away) he will usually stop and stare. This is a great shot opportunity and you should be prepared for it. The decoy diverts a buck’s attention away from your stand position and fixates it onto itself. Once a buck’s attention is fixated onto the deer (decoy), you’ll have the time and opportunity to take a shot without getting busted. Just remember: when the buck stops, take the shot!