grazing doe deer decoy
Whitetail Buck Deer Attractant

Tail Swishing Attraction = YOUR BIG BUCK!

FOOD PLOT Deer Decoy $39.99

Creates Confidence in Food Plots, Brings Bucks Out Sooner

Includes Tail Motor, Swishes Tail Every 15 Seconds
Food Plot Deer Decoy
Food Plot Deer Decoy
Food Plot Deer Decoy
  • Place in Food Plots and Open Woods All Season Long

  • Tail Swishes Every 15 Seconds
    (Includes Tail Motor. D Cell Battery NOT Included)

  • Use as a Feeding Deer (decoy) to Make Food Plots and Open Woods Look Safe

  • Swishing Tail Creates Confidence that Brings Bucks Out Sooner

  • Creates a Shot Opportunity When Bucks Come Into View and Into Range

  • Works with Deer Calls and Estrus Scents

  • Easy to Carry and Easy to Set Up
    (Includes Orange Carry Bag)

  • Tail Swishing Attraction = Your Big Buck!
Compact Sculpted Design™ Reduces Bulk
Front Side of Decoy is Sculpted and Displays the Natural Outline, Highlights, Shadows, and Tail Motion of a Deer Feeding in the Distance.

Back Side of Decoy is Flat.

Decoy Body is Only 3" Thick.

Easy to Carry and Easy to Set Up
Weighs Only 4.0 lbs. Made of High Density EPS Foam.

Includes Orange Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap.

Single Piece Body Requires NO Assembly and Sets Up Quickly in the Field.

What's in the Box?
Body, Tail Motor, Tail, Tail Stud with Two Wing-nuts, Two Ground Stakes, Orange Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap, User's Guide

Decoy Dimensions
Height: 39.5" (from Foot to Top of Ear)
Width at Hips: 11.5" Width at Head: 15.0"
Thickness: 3.0"
Weight: 4.0 lbs

Shipping Details
Box Dimensions: 32" x 12" x 4.0"
Shipping Weight: 5.0 lbs
Restrictions: USA Only (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii)
Quantity: Ships One Per Carton
Ships From: Birmingham Alabama

Tail Trick Deer Decoys™
Because Motion Matters™

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